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Atramentous Arrives!

Book six of the Dragontek Lore series is now available in ebook and paperback! (Hardback coming soon.)

With the balance of power dramatically altered within The Circle, Beryl and his friends must chart a new course in unfamiliar circumstances. The black dragons, Onyx and Atramentous, have consolidated their power over everyone.

From a new base of operations and with surprising new allies, Beryl realizes the dragons aren’t the only threat. Mysterious agents from outside The Circle may be manipulating everything for their own reasons.

Beryl hopes to overcome the final dragon rulers and strike at these new enemies at the same time… but with a former ally in desperate danger, he has to throw it all aside and rush to the rescue against a foe he thought already dead, returning once again to where it all began: Viridia.

And don’t forget the first three books in the series are FREE this week!

FREE Books This Week!

To celebrate the release of book six, Atramentous, the first THREE books of the Dragontek Lore series are all free this week! Download them now!

Comicpalooza this weekend!

This weekend, July 16-17, I’ll have a booth at Comicpalooza in Houston. If you’re in the area, come on by and say hi! I’ll be selling autographed books and 3d printed lithophanes of the book covers.

Viridia is FREE this week!

FREE FOR FIVE DAYS!! Viridia, the beginning of the Dragontek Lore series, is now absolutely FREE on Amazon. Three words: Evil. Cyborg. Dragons. What else do you need to know?


Cool deal

That’s right! The first two books of the epic Heart of Fire series are absolutely FREE this week. Don’t wait! Go snag Until All Curses Are Lifted and Until All Bonds Are Broken, and find out what all the fuss is about!


I was going to wait until Black Friday time, but… why should I?

Until All Curses Are Lifted, the first book in the Heart of Fire series, is now on sale for only $.99! That’s right. Less than a dollar to get hundreds of pages of epic fantasy!

What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Black Friday Sale! 99 cents!!

For a limited time, my novel Until All Curses Are Lifted, is only 99 cents at Amazon!!

Yes, that’s 99 cents, as in, less than a dollar.

Where else can you find adventure, monsters, curses, walkers between worlds, a detailed magic system, a leper assassin, & a rusty old flail, all for under one dollar?!?

You already have a copy? But do you have the ebook copy? You should get it. And a few for your friends. Send them the download links while they’re waiting in line at Black Friday shopping. They’ll thank you later.

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