Until All Curses Are Lifted only has a few reviews online, but each one so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are some samples:

From Midwest Book Review: “An inherently riveting read by an author with a genuine flair for originality and a distinctively engaging and entertaining narrative storytelling style, Until All Curses Are Lifted by Tim Frankovich will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to community library Science Fiction & Fantasy collections.”

From Elle Espiritu, Reedsy Discovery: “I was part of this world. I cared for its people. Even the Leper Assassin Kishin tugged at a corner of my heart. I genuinely cried over a pivotal scene at the temple of Theon, the one that proved just how powerful a mother’s love can be. I felt shivers when the two seemingly separate tales of Marshal and Seri finally intertwined. The good people are set on their sworn duties and even the most villainous of creatures had something significant to fight for… I can’t wait to read more.”

Jarrod, on Amazon: “I was blown away after I finished reading this. With a slow start to introduce the world and its mechanics, the book quickly picks up into one of the most intricately designed stories I’ve read in quite some time.”

Christopher K., on Amazon: “I have not been this captivated by a story in a very very long time. Characters, world crafting, and plot were all very well developed. The writing was very good and supported the story perfectly. I have already recommended this to several friends, and will continue to do so. Can’t wait for the next one!!”

Sherry, on Goodreads: “Really enjoyed the adventure, the truth shining through in each character. These are people you can care about. Well done! I look forward to the next in this series coming out soon.”

From the Tales from the Book Dragon blog: “Clear your calendar for a few hours. Put on the teapot or fill up the coffeepot. Grab the holiday cookies. Lock the door. You need time to get to know these new friends and enemies. I loved this book. It world is filled with characters who are highly imaginative and yet, undeniably realistic in that they can be sympathized with and related to. Odd, isn’t it. This is a land I would love to visit (wouldn’t want to live there, mind you). Frankovich has given the world a new series to sink our fangs and claws into and I, for one, plan to.”

Reviews are the most important thing for a writer (besides sales). If you’ve enjoyed this book, please take a minute to let others know on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. You don’t have to write like the reviews above. One sentence and a star rating is enough. But the more reviews a book gets, the more interest it gets from others. Thanks, everyone!

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