In my interaction with readers so far, I’ve been surprised. I’ve had almost zero questions about the plot or characters of Until All Curses Are Lifted. Instead, the number one question has been: when is the next book coming out?

I suppose that’s a good thing. And it’s both encouraging and daunting. I have expectations for this next book that go beyond my own. I have to proceed with the knowledge that some people will likely have strong opinions with the direction that I take. These characters are not just mine, now.

Book 2, Until All Bonds Are Broken, is proceeding daily, though not always as fast as I (or anyone else) would like. You can keep track of my progress with the bar on the right there. As I type this, it’s at 21.4%. That’s based on a rough idea of 130,000 words for the first draft. (The first book ended up being ~139,000.)

If you loved Marshal and Seri, you will see much more of them. At the same time, we’ll get to see more of the ongoing story from the point of view of some other characters. That includes a couple of characters who were mostly just following the main characters around in the first book. You’ll also get more from an antagonist point of view. Hmm.

I can’t give too much away yet, since I’m still early in the first draft and many things can change in the course of writing and editing. I do drop occasional hints about scenes I’m writing on my Twitter account, so follow me there if you enjoy that kind of thing.

It’s a journey, and I’m no longer alone on it. Welcome, dear readers. I promise you that I want to get the book done just as much as you do (maybe more). And I’ll work as hard as I can to get there. Thanks for joining me.

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